10 Reasons Why Data Center Tape Will Remain Relevant  – 2016 and Beyond


Part 2 of 2:


5. Storage tiering
• Object and software-defined storage pair expertly with tape for varying levels of hot and cold storage.


6. Supercomputer use
• Supercomputing centers across the globe frequently utilize tape storage as a critical piece of data management.


7. The Cloud
• Data migration via tape to cloud is significantly faster than Internet transfer.


8. Outpacing flash and disk
• Capacity improvements for tape indicate it is advancing faster than many other market options, which instead are reducing and stagnating.


9. Mega format potential
• Combination with IBM and other corporations indicate expansion far beyond the current LTO roadmap.


10. LTO and flash marriage concept
• A fusion cartridge would decrease load times, provide a data buffer, and include built-in backup.




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