Harnessing the latest RFID technology, EDP plans to release 3592 RFID labels in black and white as well as the ‘vibrant’ color palette in early April. These labels correspond with 3592 tapes of various memory sizes, which have an industry re-use rate significantly higher than the majority of competitors. This translates to environmental friendliness and less expensive upgrades through phasing.

The current 3592 labels, available in 15 different styles, include the typical barcode and number sequence. The new RFID 3592 labels will also feature a specially designed RFID chip fitted to the 3592 label size, an RFID logo, and a custom long-range antenna. These will be available in three different styles; they will be list priced at $2.48 and $1.24 dealer net price. If you have any technical questions or special projects, please contact us.

Fun Fact: In development, the 3592 project was codenamed “Jaguar” due to the increased rapid data access capability of the tapes and labels.