Retail Tech: EDP’s Inmotion retail experience, Impinj, and several other industry names teamed up to transform a G-Star RAW franchise store in Union Square, NYC.

Retail Tech

RFID solutions were implemented for point-of-sale tracking, inventory audits, electronic article surveillance, and real-time analytics. The technology also included an interactive touchscreen for customers, ceiling-mounted xArray readers, and store-tailored software.

The system can notify store employees about missing items, replenishment requirements, current in-store sales figures, and a range of other custom alerts; staff can even receive this information on their smartphones and tablets through a mobile app.

Retail Tech

Inmotion’s 55-inch touchscreen is able to capture and identify individual items to display detailed product information. Models and tours of the store’s sales floor and stockroom were virtually available at the National Retail Federation convention this past week.

Company officials noted that the application was perfect for small to mid-sized retailers, who are expected to deploy this type of technology more and more over the next 12 to 18 months.


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