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  1. rfid retail experience

    A Smart Retail Experience

    No need to swipe your plastic anymore Enasys inMotion, in partnership with a technology solutions provider and the largest credit card issuer is simplifying the…

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  2. data tapes

    The Tape of things to come…

    In the last few years the tape industry has been re inventing itself and it continues to deliver new technologies and compelling functions including continued…

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  3. data center asset tracking system

    Data Center manual vs RFID asset tracking

    EDP EnaSys is currently working with a large Data Center with over 10,000 mission critical assets. Until now, they’ve been manually conducting two inventories per…

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  4. LTO7-Type-M

    LTO7 Type M Media?

    There have been a lot of questions focused on the Type M media. Is it LTO-7 or LTO-8? It is an LTO-7 cartridge initialized in…

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  5. The right printer for Tri-Optic ToGo

    Ever since EDP introduced Tri-Optic ToGo (TTG) back in 2008, their policy has been to only certify one printer for use with TTG and traditionally…

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  6. Choosing RFID tags

    With so many types of RFID tags on the market, it’s very important to choose the right tag for the asset you’ll be applying it…

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  7. Charging Rack: High-Density Device Dock

    Charging Rack: High-Density Device Dock Control Your Scanners SAVE SPACE Consolidated, in-rack charging reduces footprint INCREASE SECURITY Prevent loss of high-value portable assets Upgrades for…

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  8. Pharmaceutical Serialization Deadline

    It is time to take action on pharmaceutical serialization!   A new law, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), specifies that drug manufacturers must…

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  9. LTO 8 Release & Support from Engineered Data Products

    The next generation of Ultrium Linear Tape Open, generation 8, is expected to be released in mid-December 2017 or early January 2018.     What…

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  10. The RFID Tag Trend: Are RFID tags fashionable?

    The RFID tag trend – these tags might not have been considered trendy five years ago, but today, major brands and fashion giants are utilizing…

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