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No Failsafe: Data Centers without Backup

Two governmental data centers in India have been storing information for more than a decade without any backup systems whatsoever.


The area of Karnataka is prone to earthquakes, power failure, and other disruptive events. Despite this reality, a “disaster recovery site” and physical copies via tape media are only just now being discussed.


It is believed that housing the large amount of data outside of India and away from seismic risk is cost-prohibitive and contributing to the delay in securing and implementing a backup plan.


Don’t Gamble with Data


Operating a sizeable data pipeline without physical backups and proper organizational techniques in place is risky. Engineered Data Products and Tri-Optic can help your facility manage and safeguard its backup tape library while lowering costs as well.



Label quality is critical to data management and, in many ways, represents one of the most important components of any media library. For over 25 years, Tri-Optic has been the world leader in Media Label Technology, offering T10000, LTO, 3480, 3592, 9840, DLT, SDLT, 8mm AIT, 4mm and Optical bar code labels. We continue to research and develop the newest technology for media bar code label printing in order to give you the highest quality media labels on the market.


At Tri-Optic, we know the importance of bar codes to your scalable tape library and have made it our business to manufacture only professional quality sequential bar coded labels. We have worked with the world’s leading storage library manufacturers to create media bar code labels that meet and exceed their stringent standards.
We recognize that quality barcodes, accurate filing and easy readability is vital to speed data storage and retrieval, and through the use of proven color coding filing methods and Grade A bar code quality ,Tri-Optic has maintained its position as the supplier of choice.


Contact us today to learn more.


Original article here


RAIN RFID: Seven Applications You’ve Probably Already Used & Don’t Know It

RAIN RFID, designed by Impinj, connects everyday items to the internet with effortless, wireless technology to connect the physical with the digital. Even if the names do not sound familiar, you’ve likely interacted with at least one of their tracking applications.



  1. Do you fly Delta Airlines?


RAIN tracks baggage at 344 locations across the globe. That’s 120 million bags each year at an accuracy rate of 99.9%, all with hands-free scanning and live updates via mobile app.


  1. Have you changed in a smart fitting room?


RAIN, with the help of Inmotion, enhances the customer experience of several brands by providing fast, simple access to product information like size and color availability as well as smart mirrors that can help you accessorize and purchase.


  1. Are you an on-demand delivery customer?


RAIN RFID helps to deliver goods and meals in less than an hour in several major metropolitan areas.


  1. Did you undergo surgery lately?


A number of medical facilities in the southeast United States have deployed smart disposal systems in operating rooms to track inventory use and disposal in an effort to be better prepared for procedures and to bill patients more accurately.


  1. Do you like sushi?


Several sushi restaurants in the northwest United States have embraced the trend of “conveyor-belt sushi,” which rotates carefully around the restaurant. RFID tech in the plates ensure that the sushi doesn’t circulate too long and lose freshness, that the most popular dishes are continuously crafted by the chefs, and that each customer tab is correct.


  1. Have you crossed a border recently?


Both the Mexican and Canadian borders as well as several United States’ borders utilize “Enhanced Drivers’ Licenses, embedded with RAIN technology to eliminate the need for a passport or other identifying documentation.


  1. Do you drink Coca-Cola?


The Coke Freestyle machine found at many restaurants around the world uses RAIN RFID to monitor over 12 million user transactions a day and provide updates on dispenser operation and product consumption data so that the soda machine never runs dry.  Coke has even used EDP’s inMotion tracking in home refrigerators.



Want to try your own RFID application? Contact us to see the possibilities or to find out more about item intelligence.


Original article here.

Site Secure: Top 4 Data Center Best Practices

It seems nearly every week there are dozens of headlines for security breaches, compliance violations, and covert theft in the tech industry. Often, these aren’t advanced cybersecurity efforts, but simplistic security holes that are overlooked and undervalued.


Don’t make the same mistakes.


Based on security shortcomings and resulting losses over the past year, Mission Critical Magazine compiled four major data center best practices to start on today.


  1. Physical Security
  • Problem: Hacks, theft, and loss are happening at a significant rate inside the organization as well as outside of it.
  • Solution: Our personal access package includes software and hardware to record, supervise, and control access within any facility. Read more.


  1. Expert Advice
  • Problem: Data center management is complex enough without adding security components.
  • Solution: Experienced professionals not only produce a more well-rounded security plan but they also implement it far more efficiently. Talk with a pro.


  1. Health Check Up
  • Problem: Fluctuations in temperature and airflow are normal to some extent, but it is often difficult to determine the cause immediately.
  • Solution: Our data center maintenance team can help you delineate a baseline of essential measurements and potential causes for changes – normal or nefarious. Sign up here.


  1. Alerts & Alarms
  • Problem: Assets are changing hands without a clear record of possession
  • Solution: Our asset-tracking software and hardware provides detailed check-in and check-out functionality as well as chain-of-custody reporting and event alert options. Take a look.


Read the original article here.

Railroaded: RFID in Transportation

The national train transportation system of India, Indian Railways, will be incorporating radio frequency identification tags to track their wagons, coaches, and locomotives.


RFID in transportation


The goal of outfitting 50,000 coaches, 2,000 wagons, and 9,000 locomotives is to increase transparency and improve functionality by ensuring the Centre for Railway Information System knows the exact position of each vehicle at all times. The data at present is maintained manually and prone to errors.


Portals will be installed at strategic locations alongside the railroad tracks, recording the location of the train from about seven feet away. The reader will be part of a network, transmitting back to a central database. The Railway Ministry believes RFID in transportation will mitigate the country’s train shortage and create a better transportation experience for passengers as well as freight cargo.


From box cars to shipyards, EnaSys high-value asset tracking delivers a comprehensive solution that is intuitive to use and provides comprehensive results. Integrating with an organization’s enterprise asset database, one can be fully aware of how the asset has moved within and between locations. Alerts can be employed to signal movement, whether unauthorized or permissible, to ensure compliance with company or regulatory compliance. With improved tracking, costs will be lowered,  efficiencies gained and assets more effectively utilized.


To find out more about EnaSys and RFID in transportation and logistics, contact us or visit our website.


Original article here.

Stable Tracking: Don’t Put Your Data Out to Pasture

Researchers in Canada are using RFID technology to track contact with horses to prevent the spread of equine and human disease.



Horses and staff members have each been outfitted with an RFID tags that collect data as they make contact with other tags. The risk for infection is then evaluated based on confined areas, interaction order, and length of contact.


If this model proves successful, the intent is to migrate the solution to hospitals and medical facilities, where health care professionals can track potentially contagious patients to better understand the transmission of illness.


Whether you’re tracking horses, humans, or any valuable assets, EnaSys by EDP offers a complete and automated asset-tracking solution that incorporates proper methodologies in a reliable, integrated manner to capture all high-value assets and their respective details.


Our asset-tracking system provides complete tracking, a strong ROI and permanent cost savings – all with the process taking 10% of the time of traditional methods.  This enables you to track more often, reducing shrinkage and identifying issues quickly.   Other capabilities such as checking in and out, life-cycle record keeping, and chain of custody are available as well.  With an experienced technical team, EnaSys will ensure a proper installation and provide support going forward.


Interested? Just say hay to learn more.

Visit the EnaSys website or read the original article here.

A Luxurious Getaway at Your Local Store: Retail Innovation

Retailers, particularly specialty stores, hope to challenge online shopping by becoming more.


What exactly does “more” mean?


Using a destination mindset, shops are adding features and functions that an online purchasing portal cannot possibly provide – food, fun, and social interaction. As a result, the store evolves from a “place to buy” to an entire experience.


Because physical store locations cannot typically compete with online venues in convenience or cost, they must differentiate in other ways and become a destination that consumers seek to visit, not just purchase.


Entertainment, community and engagement are key – whether unique inventory, interactive technology, or innovative events. The “sell” in this instance is significantly more subtle and yet more effective


Why “more”?


The goal of the in-store getaway is to attract Generation Z, those born after 1995 and the largest consumer group in history. This age bracket has always had online shopping available and is difficult to lure into a brick-and-mortar store.


Speaking to digital natives and beyond requires an offering that transcends the ease and immediacy of ecommerce, one that is more like the interactive experience they have become used to.


While particularly popular among high-end or independent retailers, chains and franchises are also experimenting with offerings like group classes, on-site expert panels, and refreshments.


As a result, the path to purchase isn’t necessarily lengthened from its linear format, but rather expanded into an ecosystem – building positive brand associations and loyalty beyond the product or service purchased in the now.


In creating an improved retail experience for the consumer, Inmotion allows the branding and product interaction to be intensely personal. Various technologies are synced so that the consumer is able to be absorbed in a web-like experience via responsive technologies and sensory engagement that can help transform a retail store into a desirable and memorable destination.  Inmotion creates is a critical part of a complete interactive immersive experience.


To learn more, visit our website or contact us about building your experience today.

Read the original article here.

Mind Your Business – Asset Tracking Solution

Often, IT assets are some of the most valuable within a company  – PCs, laptops, phones, tablets, and smart equipment are not only costly but also store valuable data.


A detailed plan must be in place for the tracking, purchasing, using, sharing, and finally, decommissioning, of these assets for an IT department and an entire business to truly be secure.



The Benefits


  1. Make Better Decisions


  • Choices like when to purchase in face of planned obsolescence can be easily tracked and plotted.


  1. Get Organized


  • Eliminate time, resources, and stress wondering who is responsible for an asset and where it has gone.


  1. Stay Compliant


  • Easily make notes of industry or sector regulations and requirements for particular devices and ensure they are up to code.


  1. Become Efficient


  • Combing the power of hardware and software leads to a more efficient inventory audit – more accuracy, faster process with less time and fewer people.


  1. Streamline


  • Use a clear-cut asset-tracking procedure for yearly audits as well as more frequent inventories.


  1. Stop Internal Crime and Overall Shrinkage


  • With an asset-tracking system, fraud, theft, and loss are reduced significantly as managerial oversight and professional responsibility increase.


One study showed that approximately 15% of assets are not accounted for RIGHT NOW. Current methods of tracking are error-prone and time-consuming. There is significant liability that exists when corporate property is misplaced or, worse still, improperly removed. The potential loss of sensitive information as well as expensive or irreplaceable items puts organizations at serious security and regulatory risk.



EnaSys high-value asset tracking delivers a comprehensive solution that is intuitive to use and provides comprehensive results. EnaSys allows user to not only frequently audit their assets in a fraction of the time of normal methodologies, but it provides a chain-of-custody report for each asset from inception to disposal. Integrating with an organization’s enterprise asset database, one can be fully aware of how the asset has moved within and between rooms, buildings and locations. Alerts can be employed to signal movement, whether unauthorized or permissible, to ensure compliance with company or regulatory compliance.


Contact us for a complimentary consultation, and we’ll help you mind your business.


Visit our site or read the original article here.

Smooth Criminal: Hacker Talks His Way inside a Data Center

A financial entity recently hired a professional to test its security. This consultant was well-known reformed cybercriminal Kevin Mitnick, who spent nearly a decade in prison for hacking and has since started his own organization.



He and his company specialize in exploiting and revealing security holes so that businesses can harden their processes. The credit bureau that hired him likely anticipated he would attempt to subvert their digital weak points and prepared accordingly.


Instead, he walked right into the building.


By setting an appointment with a sales person under false pretenses, he was given a tour and gained access to the inner workings of the building by cloning a single access badge. Afterward, he noted that the “human factor is usually the easiest way in.”


Don’t let this happen at your facility.


Inmotion Personnel Verification™ is a comprehensive system for verifying the credentials of military and police forces to provide instant access to critical user information at key locations.


Using Passive RFID technology, Inmotion Personnel Verification confirms the authenticity level of an individual based on the wireless response from the detection of multiple, defined user items. Personnel property such as uniforms, protective gear, head gear, weapons, and identification cards are used to communicate the authenticity level while the system offers other critical profile and functional information.


Encrypted data is managed from fixed and remote locations and can be integrated with surveillance monitoring, RFID antennae locations in the field, building sites, and formal check points.


Learn more – contact us


Read the original article here.

Trash Talk: RFID in Garbage Collection

A city in England is outfitting 35,000 of its trash cans with RFID microchips to determine if residents are “contaminating” their recycling bins.


RFID in garbage collection


In this process, the bin is lifted off the ground either by machine arm or human trash collector. As it is emptied, the microchip is scanned by an antenna on the garage truck door. This portal records an identification number registered to individual households.


As sorting takes place, both in the truck and at the facility, waste management organizations and the local governments are taking note of recycling efforts.


In addition, statistics such as pick-up time are recorded in real-time, optimizing waste collection efforts in the area.


Don’t treat your assets like trash.


EnaSys offers a complete and automated asset-tracking solution that incorporates proper methodologies in a reliable, integrated manner to capture all physical infrastructure assets from deployment to decommissioning.


Our asset-tracking system provides completes tracking and typically provides a payback of just over a year and is supported by multi-level services to help you successfully deploy your program. Just as importantly, it accomplishes this in one-tenth of the time of traditional methods. This allows you to audit more frequently and reduce costs.


Put your outdated system in the garbage – learn more or contact us today.


Read the original article here

Tape Storage Provides an Impressive 557% Return on Investment

Over a 10-year period, the average tape storage solution yields over $13 million in approximate cost savings.


tape storage


LTO tape is the basis for a wide variety of high-capacity and performance-intensive products and applications today, but a recent study sought to discover its true strategic value.


In addition to the $13 million in savings over a 10-year period, LTO solutions provide significant value by:


  • Lessening total cost of ownership
  • Reducing necessity of solution expenditures (in failure events, for example)
  • Decreasing IT operational costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Accommodating fast-growth data
  • Retaining information reliably
  • Providing high-integrity storage
  • Having low startup and maintenance costs



Compared with disk-based storage, organizations save an additional $400,000 by opting for tape. As a result, LTO tape provides the best economic value as a long-term data retention solution.



How Can I Save Even More?


Optimize your tape label storage system with Tri-Optic.


Label quality is critical to data management, and in many ways, it represents one of the most important components of any media library. For over 25 years, Tri-Optic has been the world leader in media label technology. We continue to research and develop the newest technology for label printing in order to give you the highest quality media labels on the market.


At Tri-Optic, we know the importance of both barcode and RFID labels to your scalable tape library. We have worked with the world’s leading storage library manufacturers to create media labels that meet and exceed the most stringent standards.


To read the full study, click here.

Contact us to learn more or to set up an account.

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