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Tape Storage Provides an Impressive 557% Return on Investment

Over a 10-year period, the average tape storage solution yields over $13 million in approximate cost savings.


tape storage


LTO tape is the basis for a wide variety of high-capacity and performance-intensive products and applications today, but a recent study sought to discover its true strategic value.


In addition to the $13 million in savings over a 10-year period, LTO solutions provide significant value by:


  • Lessening total cost of ownership
  • Reducing necessity of solution expenditures (in failure events, for example)
  • Decreasing IT operational costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Accommodating fast-growth data
  • Retaining information reliably
  • Providing high-integrity storage
  • Having low startup and maintenance costs



Compared with disk-based storage, organizations save an additional $400,000 by opting for tape. As a result, LTO tape provides the best economic value as a long-term data retention solution.



How Can I Save Even More?


Optimize your tape label storage system with Tri-Optic.


Label quality is critical to data management, and in many ways, it represents one of the most important components of any media library. For over 25 years, Tri-Optic has been the world leader in media label technology. We continue to research and develop the newest technology for label printing in order to give you the highest quality media labels on the market.


At Tri-Optic, we know the importance of both barcode and RFID labels to your scalable tape library. We have worked with the world’s leading storage library manufacturers to create media labels that meet and exceed the most stringent standards.


To read the full study, click here.

Contact us to learn more or to set up an account.

Signs Take Flight: Digital Signage Design Strategy Inspired by Airports

Digital signage within airports offers several design cues:


  1. Less is More

Clear meaning leads to easy interpretation. Large images, interesting symbols, and minimal text are essential to attention and conversion. Moreover, a single, well-placed sign with a targeted message is typically more effective than a signage cluster.


  1. Contrast is Key

Contrast not only aids in readability but a bold aesthetic also catches the eyes of consumers whether in-store on the path to purchase or passing by a nearby area. In a shared space, a sharp brand messages are more noticeable and engaging.


  1. Location, Location, Location

Within a wayfinding framework, signage must be placed at or before crucial decision points, whether that is the direction to take to an airport terminal or which accessories to select and pair in the changing room.


  1. Be Data-Driven

Providing crucial content is extremely important. Within an airport, this might be departure and arrival times; within a retail environment, this might be colors and sizes currently in stock.


  1. Think “Interactive”

Touch screens, voice response and other interactive features go beyond distribution of visual content to bring a brand story (or an airport terminal) to life.


Inmotion has decades of experience providing equipment and tailoring content for some of the largest and most well-recognized American brands. Inmotion’s digital signage system has been developed to be scalable, easy to deploy, and intuitive with built-in tech support for any level of complexity.


Want to get your digital signage plan off the ground?

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Old MacDonald Had an RFID Reader: RFID in Farming and Food

RFID in Farming and Food


Players in the international farming and food industry are implementing ultra-high frequency RFID to improve monitoring of animal health, meat storage, and more.


A farm in Germany has begun tracking its pigs from breeding to slaughter, providing valuable data to breeders, farm and factory personnel, and consumers through portals and sensors across locations as well as handheld sensors for staff members.



RFID chips are attached to existing ear tags, recording food consumption, barn exit or entry, general health, and eventual slaughter. Tasks like “fattening” are monitored internally, while details like origin, slaughter date, and meat packaging are broadcasted externally.


Thus far, the project has provided valuable insight into the swine lifecycle as well as reliable identification and record of each and every piglet.


Tracking in a rugged environment requires special considerations.  The EnaSys asset tracking system offers a complete and automated asset-tracking solution that incorporates proper methodologies in a reliable, integrated manner while meeting the necessities of operating in harsh conditions . Our asset-tracking system is intuitive to use and typically provides a payback of just over a year. It is supported by multi-level services to help you successfully deploy your program. Just as importantly, it accomplishes this in one-tenth of the time of traditional methods. This allows you to audit more frequently and reduce costs.


So whether tracking IT equipment or piglets, EnaSys is an asset-tracking system on which you can bet the farm.


Read the original article here or contact us for more information

Data Center Demand by Region

Data Center Demand by Region:
Which areas of the United States saw the largest DC demand in 2016?


Data center demand is projected to soar in 2017 due to increasing Cloud usage and mobile data streaming. One the best ways to pinpoint where those DC “hotspots” will be is to examine real estate and land development records from 2016.


In 2016, the top 4 data center markets by growth were:

  • Northern Virginia
  • Northern California
  • Chicago
  • Dallas-Fort Worth


Projects in DFW alone include:

  • Raging Wire
  • T5
  • Facebook
  • Digital Realty
  • QTS
  • Equinix
  • Cyrus One


As a result, rack density within these new or expanding facilities is rapidly growing as is housing of other critical assets.


EnaSys high-value asset tracking delivers a comprehensive solution designed for the data center environment. It is intuitive to use and allows users to not only frequently audit their assets in 1/10th the time of normal methodologies, but it also provides a chain-of-custody report for each asset from inception to disposal.


Integrating with an organization’s enterprise asset database, one can be fully aware of how the asset has moved within and between rooms, buildings and locations. Alerts can be employed to signal movement, whether unauthorized or permissible, to ensure compliance with company or regulatory compliance.


Whether you are building, buying, or just better equipping your data center or other mission-critical facility, the EnaSys asset tracking system is your solution.


Learn more or contact us 

Read the original article here

EnaSys Asset Management System


asset management system

Control Your Assets

  • Improve count accuracy
  • Reduce loss
  • Know location
  • Capture history
  • Inventory in 1/10th the time
  • Optimize with RFID


Customized Reporting

  • Dynamic search queries, simple or complex
  • Unique field formats and viewing capabilities
  • Automated export
  • Full support


Pre-built reports:


Last Seen Since

  • Select a date range, assets not accounted for in that period will be listed


Not Scanned Since

  • Select a date range, assets not scanned in that period will be listed


Not Tagged

  • Assets in system but without tags will be listed


Last Inventory and Location

  • Comprehensive listing of last location and most recent inventory for each asset will be provided



Check-in & Check-out

  • Assign assets to users
  • Bundle assets
  • Search assets
  • Establish hierarchies
  • Allocate asset responsibility
  • Create entry and exit points
  • Track movement


Additional Enhancements

  • Identify misplaced assets
  • Intuitive search experience
  • Friendly user interface


Control your assets with EnaSys.  It’s simple, reliable, and supported by a US-based team to answer all your questions. EnaSys was designed to work in any environment where assets need tracking.  An intuitive asset management system that is easy to use, it will provide a quick payback by saving considerable time and money.

Let’s get started


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The Store of the Future

The store of the future is cashier-free.  As referenced by several sources, Amazon Go, a pilot store with no employees and no lines opened in Seattle earlier this month and is reportedly using RFID.

If it works for Amazon, it can work for you!

To shop, customers utilize a mobile app within the store to choose items they want to purchase; they scan the app when finished and are billed directly to their Amazon accounts, making a “no hassle” exit with their items in tow.



How is this possible?


Similar to this store of the future, Inmotion enables a frictionless, cashier-free store via RFID chips within the store that automatically record the movement of materials from shelving. This eliminates typical in-store user delays, such as check-out lines and out-of-stock issues, to make for literal one-stop shopping.


Although this technology is typically reserved for fulfillment/processing facilities and other in-bound inventory mechanisms, rather than the consumer end of retail, it is also benefiting suppliers, who know immediately when an item is low on stock. Shelf-based, rather than individual item-based, RFID tagging also reduces cost for store managers.

To learn more about this and all topics RFID in retail, contact us or visit our website.

To read the original article, click here.

Label Lingo: Paper or Polyester Labels

Before selecting sequence, color, or other sorting and identification techniques for your barcode labels, it’s important to ensure you have the correct material. Here are some basic pointers to decide between paper or polyester labels.

Each label will be printed from different ribbons or inks. A polyester label is printed on a resin ribbon or laser, and a paper label is printed on a wax ribbon laser or inkjet. All types are useful under different circumstances for the cleanest and most durable product. Additionally, laser and inkjet can provide color, as thermal is black and white only.



  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Effective in most environments, especially indoors


Common applications:

  • Address and shipping labels
  • File folder labels
  • Clothing tags
  • Packaging

Paper or Polyester Labels



  • Withstands more wear-and-tear and extreme conditions
  • Not impacted by moisture, chemicals
  • More costly (around 5x as much as paper)


Common applications:

  • Chemical barrels
  • Vehicle tags
  • Wristbands used in outdoor environments
  • Warehouse storage

Paper or Polyester Labels

Want to learn more about paper, polyester, or another barcode topic?

Contact us today or visit our site.

No More Lost Luggage

No More Lost Luggage

Your holiday travel is about to get a lot less hectic

Airlines are implementing RFID quickly and quietly, with full deployment expected within the next seven years for all airlines. Using RFID baggage tags brings tracking accuracy up to 99% and saves airlines as well as their passengers more than $3 billion.

Currently, most airlines use printed, black-and-white barcodes, which must be manually scanned to ensure luggage is headed to the right place. Alternatively, RFID can be scanned within the vicinity of the tagged luggage and can also be added to conveyor belts and other portals to redirect bags and passenger items.



Don’t Let Your Assets Fly Away

EnaSys high-value asset tracking and location delivers a comprehensive solution that is intuitive to use and provides complete tracking. EnaSys allows the user to not only frequently audit their assets in a fraction of the time of normal methodologies, but it provides a chain-of-custody report for each asset from inception to disposal with a comprehensive check in/check out functionality. Along with the ability to integrate with an organization’s enterprise asset database, one can be fully aware of how the asset has moved within and between rooms, buildings, and locations. Alerts can be employed to signal movement, whether unauthorized or permissible, to ensure compliance with company or regulatory compliance.


EDP offers a complete and automated asset-tracking solution that incorporates proper methodologies in a reliable, integrated manner to capture all physical infrastructure assets from deployment to decommissioning. Our asset tracking system provides completes tracking and typically provides a quick payback and is supported by multi-level services to help you successfully deploy your program. Just as importantly, it accomplishes this in one-tenth of the time of traditional methods. This allows you to audit more frequently, have less loss of assets, and reduces costs.

Contact us to learn more

Cover Your Assets

Don’t let anything fall through the cracks:
With over 30 years in servicing data centers and similar organizations, Critical Facilities Solutions is well-equipped, using advanced tracking technology to ensure a precise accounting of your assets.


All cheekiness aside:
• Obtain a complete inventory of all IT assets
• All delivered in an Excel spreadsheet
• Formatted report to meet your criteria
• RFID labels placed and associated on every asset for
future inventories in 1/10th the time

BUT WAIT, there’s more:
• Identify missing assets
• Optimize utilization
• Search less, do more
• Enhance asset visibility
• Be compliant with company and regulatory requirements
• Eliminate exceptions
• Find misplaced assets

Leave bad inventory procedures behind:
• 30% off your first full inventory – including RFID tagging
• 5% off ALL RFID tags
• 10% off our wireless asset-tracking system

We use only the most experienced, certified data center technicians and professionals to get to the bottom of your inventory.
Contact us

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Are you a data scientist or a data janitor?

Are you a data scientist or a data janitor?

Asset data can be voluminous and complex. EnaSys can help you and your organization manage this inventory information efficiently – guaranteeing you are making the most of it and not just mopping it up.


Our Software is Intuitive

  • Menial sorting tasks and reporting are auto-generated by advanced software programming.


We Provide Enhanced Security

  • EnaSys encryption ensures internal and external compliance of the highest order.


Your Time is Valuable

  • Compared to traditional methods, gathering asset data via EnaSys takes 1/10th of the time.


Everyone is Accountable

  • Check-in and check-out are paired with chain-of-custody reports for any enrolled asset.


Many managers have no formal processes in place to manage physical asset moves, adds, and changes. A comprehensive method of asset tracking is important, but relatively few mature tools currently exist − and those that do exist can lack detail or are compromised by poor integration with traditional management tools.


Take charge of your asset management, and become a data scientist with EnaSys.


Contact us to learn more.

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