The next generation of our asset tracking system is now available!

asset tracking system

EnaSys Professional is a full asset tracking system for high-value IT and critical assets. It is a scalable, hybrid solution for BOTH RFID and barcode.

The system includes a high-performance, wireless Bluetooth reader, able to communicate with a variety of host devices. It is designed for regular data logging of sensitive equipment.


Among its many benefits, EnaSys Professional will help you to:

• Increase accountability and security

• Meet audit and compliance requirements

• Minimize insurance costs and taxes

• Improve productivity – 10x speed over manual

• Eliminate need for expensive equipment

• Simplify data synchronization


Purchase with Maintenance to Receive Upgrade Packages and Road Map Notifications – including Check-In/Check-Out Functionality FREE – NO CHARGE UPGRADE

Download the marketing sheet to read more about specs, upgrades, and applications: EnaSys_Professional_Cutsheet

For questions or to place an order, call 800.522.3528 or contact Todd Klug via email,