At the end of first quarter 2015, Fuji could not meet customer demands for fully labeled LTO cartridges (Types 4, 5, and 6). They contacted EDP with an urgent request to apply 20,000 tape labels over three days, two of which fell on a weekend. 16 pallets of tapes arrived via overnight delivery on Saturday, March 28th and required unboxing, labeling and repackaging as soon as possible.

A volunteer shift, a dozen production and customer service staff members, was assembled. EDP typically applies 5000 tape labels on one shift, but on this particular weekend shift, 7400 tape labels were applied both days, prompting an early shipment of the first labeled tape set as well as completed on-time orders in total for Fuji.

Predicting high customer demand, EDP and Fuji are now working together to stock tapes in Fuji’s inventory for large and immediate orders.