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Asset Tracking and Visibility in the Data Center


Data Center Assets

The EDP Advantage 

EDP offers a complete and automated data center assets tracking solution that incorporates proper asset tracking methodologies in a reliable, integrated manner to capture all physical infrastructure assets from deployment to decommissioning. Our asset tracking system is intuitive to use, provides completes tracking and typically provides a payback of just over a year and is supported by multi-level services to help you successfully deploy your program. Just as importantly, it accomplishes this in one-tenth of the time of traditional methods. This allows you to audit more frequently and reduce costs.


Learn More About Asset Tracking with EDP’s Asset Management Line Card

Reduce Risk and Loss

One study showed that approximately 15% of data center assets are not accounted for. Current methods of tracking are error prone and time consuming. Data centers, in particular, present inventory challenges that expose companies to higher data collection costs. There is significant liability that exists when corporate data is misplaced or, worse still, improperly removed from the data center. The potential loss of sensitive information housed in data center puts organizations at serious security and regulatory risk.

Barcode and RFID Makes A Difference

Tracking IT assets using manual processes or spreadsheets is a major problem – commonly used, but difficult to maintain, and highly error-prone. Industry research indicates that an error rate of 10% is common with manual data entry, from typing and transcription errors alone. Many data center managers have no formal processes in place to manage physical IT asset moves, adds and changes. A comprehensive method of IT asset tracking is important, but relatively few mature tools currently exist − and those that do exist can lack detail or are compromised by poor integration with traditional management tools.

Unless IT assets can be effectively tracked-either within the data center or by monitoring their entry and exit-companies cannot meet service, financial, and legal obligations related to managing those assets.

Level 1 – EnaSys Express

Level 2 – EnaSys Professional


Inventory capture by rack, row, room and building with location assignments and reassignment. Asset tracking encompasses a broad range of items from servers and every asset within a rack, mobile equipment, desktop equipment, offline equipment and gear that is in service or decommissioned, to tapes in your center or stored off-site. EDP offers services to help identify your assets apply tags, install portal readers and deliver a database to meet your budget, delivery and resources.


Auto-discovery enables flexible asset attributes to be recorded for each device, ensuring a centralized, accurate compilation of asset data with the benefit of real-time notifications of moves, adds and changes. Chain-of-custody provides asset movement history together with tracking and monitoring of all authorized and unauthorized modifications to any asset. Our web-based system enables remote or multi-location functionality and viewing.


Our solution integrates with existing database programs and fully integrates with your DCIM platform. Assets automatically track via network connectivity as they move throughout the data center, with each move recorded for an accurate asset lifecycle. This automation reduces inventory audit times and supports financial and regulatory compliance. EDP offers turnkey services to help you accomplish this with commissioning, training, auditing and help desk support from system engineers.

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