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Critical Asset Tracking for Financial and Legal Institutions


Financial & Legal Document Tracking

The EDP Advantage 

Our financial and legal document tracking  software solutions address any physical file or evidence items, in active file storage boxes, library materials, and critical records maintained in high-density storage systems with many industry-leading features designed for financial, banking and legal professionals. Track, store and manage your records to rationalize and consolidate all of your customer account or case activities. The system provides records management and an end-to-end document tracking solution and is widely used by hundreds of organizations from small operations to enterprise-level applications.

• Meet IRS, state and local taxing authority compliance requirements.
• Streamline your workplace and make finance and legal department activities accountable and efficient.
• Improve the design of workflows for transactional records to ensure compliance and improve control in transaction processing.
• Increase the quality of credit and account review decisions through easy and immediate access to required information.
• Easily tack the location of files to perform audits and discovery of information.
• Space management: color coding enables for more efficient, high density storage solutions

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Be Compliant and Ensure Customer Trust

Due to legal, regulatory and cost, much customer information and legal documentation remains on paper. In addition, records requiring retention and organization go beyond paper to physical objects. The challenges of ensuring data integrity and security are increasingly complex. Account records are subject to federal regulations, state and local statutes and organizational policies. In addition, privacy legislation, litigation, storage constraints and escalating costs have also increased the importance of exceptional records management.

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EDP is an innovator in the field of records identification software with advanced workflow options to configure a system that adapts to your department and records management environment processes. A number of features can be configured to your needs to define storage zones (departments) and create kiosk stations for authorized users to set-up, check-in and check-out of folders. Automated document routing, database and retention setup, user settings and security rights are totally configurable as well.

In addition, our software options allow you to print high quality, custom color coded labels from your printer eliminating the need for individual label tabs. You can customize labels with defined images, text, year bands, graphics and barcodes. Import new records or quickly enroll new items manually via an intuitive user interface. Automated on-demand printing and file creation is quick, cost-effective and saves staff and administrative time.


Barcode and RFID labels provides you the option to support smaller installations (barcode) or larger applications where RFID technology is better suited for exact location tracking in large libraries or storage retrievals. Legacy barcode installations can easily be upgraded to RFID functionality as you grow. Flexible hardware options include fixed and mobile barcode and RFID readers, handheld computers and Windows 8 tablets. We can help you track file folders, storage boxes, library materials and mixed media and specialty applications such as Lektreiver™ storage carousels.


An on-demand report provides compliance and audit information ensuring that you can quickly access the files you need to support critical, time-sensitive business activities such as mergers, acquisitions or legal discovery. Records lifecycle management provides record retention and disposition by flagging files and folders to enable timely and accurate handling at the end of their lifecycle. Our software packages can be installed as a stand-alone system or deployed as a network distributed applications to service multiple locations. Manage your records using the industry standard Microsoft SQL.

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