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Cost-effective and Compliant Programs
for the Healthcare Industry


Healthcare/Pharma Asset & Document Tracking 

The EDP Advantage 

Some of EDP’s industry-leading functionalites in the healthcare/pharma asset & document tracking industry are:

• Consolidate and reduce paper record for more effective storage
• Eliminate lost or misplaced files and reduce retrieval costs
• Improved compliance
• Create a highly secure, fully auditable platform that can be installed on-premise and administered by healthcare employees for the greatest level of control and accountability
• Reduce space through color coding which allows for efficient, high density storage solutions

Learn More About Asset Tracking with EDP’s Pharmaceutical Testing & Development – Process Improvement Case Study.

Compliance and Client Care

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are under increasing pressure to improve patient outcome while reducing costs. Regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), HIPAA and HITECH are requiring healthcare organizations to implement comprehensive and efficient systems to manage patient information. Increasingly larger volumes of records are being generated which need to be accessed quickly while having proper privacy and other regulatory controls in place.

Total Solution Approach

Pharmaceutical companies are under continued pressure to lower prices while the costs of development and delivery increase. Once in the market, documentation access is constant. Many of these companies, for legal and historical reasons, rely on paper documentation and files. To efficiently manage these massive amounts of records, EDP provides healthcare professionals, R+D, bio-tech, and insurance companies solutions that result in utilizing less space and require less staff. With color and barcoding applications, record consolidation, conversion and comprehensive file tracking systems, EDP can create significant efficiencies.


EDP is an innovator in the field of records identification software with advanced workflow options to configure a system that works the way you manage patient files, prescription records, insurance claims and documentation – any personal health information within your organization. You need a system that handles patient files from initiation to disposition while maintaining necessary standards for tracking. Automated file routing, database and retention setup, user settings and security rights are configurable to meet your specifications.

EDP’s software options allow you to print high quality, custom color coded labels from your printer. You can customize labels with defined images, text, year bands, graphics and barcodes. Import new patient records or quickly enroll new items manually via an intuitive user interface. Automated on-demand printing and file creation is quick, cost-effective and saves staff and administrative time. In addition, for added efficiency, RFID labels and systems are available as well.


For those who opt for both barcode and RFID labels, they are able to identify and track the location and status of patient or case files with real-time reporting from initiation to disposition while maintaining necessary standards for tracking case files. An employee can find, transfer or request a patient file. Employees are required to acknowledge receipt of a case file by scanning the bar code or using wireless RFID scanners; if the case file is not scanned within a predetermined timeframe, an email notification is sent to the employee and supervisor, ensuring compliance and reducing lost files.

Barcode and RFID labels provide you the option to support smaller installations (barcode) or larger applications where RFID technology is better suited for exact location tracking in larger operations or libraries. Legacy barcode installations can easily be upgraded to RFID functionality. Flexible hardware options include fixed and mobile barcode and RFID readers, handheld computers and Windows 8 tablets.


On-demand reporting provides compliance and audit information ensuring that you can quickly access the files you need to support critical care, case reviews, or other operational activities. Create formatted reports containing specific information, such as case files not received, cases in transit or case files overdue.

Our software packages can be installed as a stand-alone system or deployed as a network distributed applications to service multiple office locations. Manage your records using the industry standard Microsoft SQL.

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