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Interactive Digital Experience Is Transforming
the Brand Consumer Relationship


Retail Experience

The EDP Advantage 

EDP’s inMotion takes the video retail experience from passive to active, from being a mere presentation to fully engaging the consumer. Using proven technology, inMotion allows the consumer to interact with the brand, to see the consistency of the product and the brand. While responding to the interests and preferences of the customer, it educates and guides the consumer to finding the product that meets their preferences. In essence, it is the web experience up close and personal at the physical store where the consumer is able to have an intimate and tangible experience with the product itself.

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“A store has got to be much more than a place to acquire merchandise.  It’s got to help people enrich their lives.  If the store just fulfills a specific product need, it’s not creating new types of value for the consumer.  It’s transacting.  Any website can do that.”

Ron Johnson – CEO, JC Penney

Create The Ultimate Customer Experience

With technology providing an instant shopping mall within a cell phone, consumers need a reason to look up and become engaged. Retailers that rely on conventional racks and window displays will find themselves passed by. Only those that create an informative, dynamic and interactive environment will find themselves with increased traffic and more sales.

Interactive Retail Solution

An increasing number of retailers are pursuing passive digital signage – utilizing monitors and repetitive loops, installing larger screens and bolder graphics. A few leading edge retailers are breaking the old mold and reworking their stores to leverage current technology solutions. Their goal is to create an enhanced brand experience utilizing web-like processes and technologies within the store.


Using product choices such as augmented reality, multi-touch surfaces, ibeacons RFID and NFC, inMotion uses the most appropriate technology to bring the consumer experience that best fits the product and the brand’s message. The level of interaction desired by the retailer drives the system capability. Content can be provided by a brand’s in-house capability or inMotion will deliver it its own proven approach. All methods provide the customer the ability to physically touch products and actively participate with the brand. The content changes depending upon preferences to ensure an individual experience with the consumer.

Through an inMotion experience, brand can transcend the physical limitation of the retail space and effectively offer complementary products for cross-channel opportunities.


Fundamental to inMotion system is its ability to capture consumer activity. Real time trends that show how intently the consumer reacted to a product are recorded and kept in the system. Reports are generated that show the product, the times, the touches and duration. In addition, EDP’s inMotion system presents data that customers are used to receiving on the web. Whether it be consumer evaluations, events, product usage or product technology, all of it is available in store to the customer while they are holding the product and evaluating a purchase.


With data generated by inMotion, analytics can be presented to merchandising, marketing and store managers. They, along with store associates, can gather actionable data that can help anticipate future needs. Managers can quickly and efficiently test products and marketing campaigns, product placement, consumer interest and pricing sensitivities. Now instead of waiting and making determinations looking in the rear view mirror, managers can see reports on the earliest part of the consumer buying cycle and adjust approaches to meet the preferences of the consumer.

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