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Advanced Authentication and Verification
of Personnel and Property


Security & Military Personnel Verification

The EDP Advantage 

Our Security & Military Personnel Verification brand brings leading edge technology to military agencies, bases, stations and local government operations to provide visibility and verification of military and security personnel, civilian police forces, and weaponry, with the complement of security access and physical credentials.

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Complement Existing Surveillance Programs

Government facilities and military operations currently have security and surveillance programs to ensure the safety and protection of a building structure and personnel but current approaches do not comprehensively address the mobility of users, equipment and assigned weapons within the complexity of changing field environmental conditions.


Our Personnel Verification confirms the authenticity of an individual based on a wireless confirmation of the correct constituency of multiple articles of clothing and hardware on an individual. Personnel property such as uniforms, protective gear, head gear, weapons, and identification cards are used to communicate the authenticity level while our system offer other critical profile and functional information to administrative users.

Personnel Verification leverages multiple electronic authentication certificates comprising of agile and fixed codes to actuate the most advanced level of wireless verification.


Encrypted data is available both in the field and remote locations and can be integrated with your surveillance monitoring. Using fixed and portable readers, whether at building sites and formal check points, our systems can comprehensively secure an installation and identify all authorized users. The system tracks uniforms and user equipment with embedded RFID inlays commissioned to assigned personnel.

Critical data points are used in conjunction with the verification data to confirm personnel’s respective security clearance levels, weapons check-outs, and physical entry points.


From building check-in and cameras triggered by authorized personnel to field check-in points and commissioning, our Personnel Verification software will identify trends in behavior, report on the activity of individuals and flag access entries with the detection of unauthorized equipment or weapons. The data is kept and available to senior personnel who can look at historical attempts at breaching the secure area as well as past and current activity.

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