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The World’s Best and Most Reliable Barcoded Labels

Tape & Media Storage


Tape & Media Storage

The EDP Advantage 

EDP continues to enhance and develop new methodologies to improve the efficiency, durability and quality of our barcoded label solutions to support advances in tape & media storage. EDP provides web based print solutions which allow end-users to print any combination of data to address color, text, barcode, images and graphics on their labels.

Our motto “first time, every time, on time” represents our devotion to ensure accurate readability and reliability of media tracking systems. With our on demand printing and same day delivery of factory produced labels, we ensure that our media resellers and distributors are at their best.

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Tri-Optic Barcode

Tri-Optic RFID


Flawless Label Performance

Label quality and readability is critical for media library users and leading storage OEMs who require flawless performance in the identification and tracking of critical back-up tapes and other media formats. EDP offers the most complete range of media labeling options and has been recognized as the leading innovator in barcoded labels for legacy and emerging tape media for over 30 years. Testament to our reputation and market presence are the hundreds of millions of actives tapes in libraries, vaults and tape storage silos throughout the world. EDP has set the standard in the tape storage industry.

Tape Technology Viability

Tape remains a critical component that complements a business’ back-up and recovery strategy. It acquisition cost is the lowest per gigabyte; it has the lowest operating costs and is the greenest solution compared to disc storage. Magnetic media is highly suitable for onsite and offsite of several generations of backup and archival data.


Over 15 media formats can be identified with proprietary label designs specific to your medium including legacy tapes ranging from ½” magnetic tapes, 3480 and 3592 to T10000, LTO, DLT, DLT, 4mm, 8mm and AIT tapes to name a few. We have worked with the world’s leading storage library manufacturers to create media bar code labels that meet and exceed their stringent standards. We recognize that quality barcodes, accurate filing and easy readability are vital to speed data storage and retrieval, and through the use of proven color coding filing methods and Grade A barcodes, we meet and exceed all industry standards.


Select from tracking software designed for tape cartridges and other multimedia assets, or our records management and document imaging software system depending on your application:

  • EnaSys Data Center Tracking Solutions permits easy audits along with room, building, facility and off-site tracking using barcode or RFID tags
  • MasterTrak File and Document Tracking solutions identifies and tracks file folders to other company assets with defined check-in and check-out functionality


Either system provides activity reporting, chain-of-custody accountability and auditing ease to be compliant, accurate and effective.

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