inmotion and EDP will be featured at INFOCOMM15 in Orlando, Florida from June 13-19! The conference, established in 1939, is tailored to audiovisual, information, and communications professionals around the world. The huge summer seminar will include nearly one thousand exhibitors and forty thousand attendees.


inmotion products and technologies will be informally exhibited at the NEC booth.  NEC specializes in visual solutions, such as desktop displays and large-screen LCDs, which draw on high-tech advancements from the digital sector. Their goal is to offer a full range of high-quality multimedia displays.  The NEC booth is one of the three largest at the tradeshow and includes a fully interactive fitting room as well as booth-activity tracking of all NEC’s visitors.


At the conference, inmotion will be showcasing its newest “wayfinding” technologies that move beyond digital signage. In this instance, wayfinding is essentially how one locates particular products and services in a retail environment. Using 5 different pieces as well as social media linkage, inmotion will demonstrate how wayfinding contributes to a heightened customer experience. By consistently tracking where RFID-tagged participants are in the booth and what they are interacting with, inmotion presents the next level in location-based tracking for a streamlined retail experience.