ISO Compliance

Engineered Data Products is proud to adhere to current ISO environmental regulations. As a company, EDP is consistently striving to be more eco-friendly within their Colorado headquarters and throughout their international operations.

Our current procedures:

  • Lighting & Computer Equipment – Turn off when not in use
  • Recycle/Reuse – paper, cans, plastic, toner, CDs, binders, and other office materials; weekly pick-up by local organization has been scheduled
  • Print & Copy – Enforce double-sided standard
  • Administrative – Utilize paperless systems whenever possible
  • Vehicles – Encourage carpooling, minimize travel, consolidate shipments
  • Safety – hearing, eye, and hand protection are required during potentially dangerous activities


Our results so far:

  • 50% reduction in weekly FedEx shipment pickups
  • 50% reduction in weekly cardboard shipment pickups
  • Increased recycling of glass, plastic and aluminum from zero to three 15-gallon trash bags weekly
  • Increase return shipment of plastic core to manufacturer for reuse/recycle from zero to one full pallet weekly
  • Recycled paper is being utilized in one-third of departments
  • 10% decrease in monthly gas consumption compared to previous year
  • 12% decrease in monthly electrical usage compared to previous year
  • Additional figures for gas and electrical consumption will be reported annually

Updated 6.13.2017


EMS Objective

Reduce paper use through electronic conversion of forms and documents. Increase employee use of mass transit. Reduce paper waste from computer and machine printing. Educate employees on sound environmental practices for work and home. Communicate information and accomplishments internally and externally. Increase GOV gas mileage and reduce cost. Reduce paper use and solid waste from mailing/mail returns. Promote use of environmentally preferable products. Manage and improve environmental performance.

Our EMS is continual improvement tool and everyone needs to participate for us to meet our goals. Everyone’s support is needed to make the EMS BETTER and reduce our environmental and carbon footprints.

Our EMS helps evaluate all of our activities, identify the environment impact of doing business, and reduce the impact of operations that have the greatest effect on the environment.


We hope to:

  • Comply fully with the letter and spirit of all environmental laws.
  • Continue to prevent pollution before it is produced.
  • Improve environmental performance.

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