Retailers, particularly specialty stores, hope to challenge online shopping by becoming more.


What exactly does “more” mean?


Using a destination mindset, shops are adding features and functions that an online purchasing portal cannot possibly provide – food, fun, and social interaction. As a result, the store evolves from a “place to buy” to an entire experience.


Because physical store locations cannot typically compete with online venues in convenience or cost, they must differentiate in other ways and become a destination that consumers seek to visit, not just purchase.


Entertainment, community and engagement are key – whether unique inventory, interactive technology, or innovative events. The “sell” in this instance is significantly more subtle and yet more effective


Why “more”?


The goal of the in-store getaway is to attract Generation Z, those born after 1995 and the largest consumer group in history. This age bracket has always had online shopping available and is difficult to lure into a brick-and-mortar store.


Speaking to digital natives and beyond requires an offering that transcends the ease and immediacy of ecommerce, one that is more like the interactive experience they have become used to.


While particularly popular among high-end or independent retailers, chains and franchises are also experimenting with offerings like group classes, on-site expert panels, and refreshments.


As a result, the path to purchase isn’t necessarily lengthened from its linear format, but rather expanded into an ecosystem – building positive brand associations and loyalty beyond the product or service purchased in the now.


In creating an improved retail experience for the consumer, Inmotion allows the branding and product interaction to be intensely personal. Various technologies are synced so that the consumer is able to be absorbed in a web-like experience via responsive technologies and sensory engagement that can help transform a retail store into a desirable and memorable destination.  Inmotion creates is a critical part of a complete interactive immersive experience.


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