MasterTrak Essential (MTE) is built on years of experience in the document tracking industry. MTE workflows and functionality are highly refined and are designed specifically for the tracking of folders and storage boxes. Input from our many MasterTrak Plus customers was used to determine the “essential” functionality required for an efficient tracking and storage management system.

MasterTrak Essential can help you manage and control your office assets. Our systems offer the flexibility to be used in attended or unattended file and storage rooms. From a simple value list and barcode system to an RFID system with biometric validation, we can provide the right tracking and management system to bring accountability to your organization.

Designated storage locations, validated put-aways and verified check-outs ensure you always know where your items are, or who has them. MasterTrak Essential offers complete File Folder Management functionality, including the ability to print file identification labels, define and label storage locations and manage retention and destruction schedules.

Our High Density Space & Storage Allocation Module was developed specifically to track and store items in carousels and high density storage. It enables users to properly and efficiently allocate space for the storage of file folders, unique assets and archival items. We recognized that companies spent large amounts of capital in order to purchase and install high density storage equipment with no good way to allocate space to maximize efficiency in their units.

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