e-Systems Group

e-Systems is exclusively dedicated to supporting mission critical environments to maintain 100% uptime. Through e-Systems breadth of infrastructure products and services, it partners with its customers to assist in enabling them to deliver on their service requirements. Beyond offering advanced customized enclosures designed for cabling, thermal and economic efficiency, it constructs and installs containment solutions, provides consultative sales support on power configurations and other accessories required in the data center. e-Systems also provides integrated DCIM packages, wireless tracking and auditing of DC assets, CFD analysis, installation services, and specialty cleaning to ensure an optimal environment for its customers. Within mission critical centers that require ergonomic consoles, e-Systems designs and delivers contemporary custom consoles that are engineered to support the 24/7 human and technical requirements of process control and security environments.

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e-Systems Group has designed and implemented data center solutions for well over 30 years. We can provide solutions for end users, small-to-medium businesses all the way up to large enterprise solutions. We specialize in mission critical industries within data center and command + control markets.

e-Systems Group manufactures a complete range of console furniture for process control, security rooms, emergency services, and general office/teamwork environments. We have our own manufacturing plant, which gives us unparalleled quality control and fast shipping. Our knowledgeable, highly experienced sales staff will assist you in getting the correct solution you need and offer excellent after-sale support.

Critical Facilities Solutions
Critical Facilities Solutions, part of the e-Systems Group, offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services specifically tailored to data centers . Services offered range from: data center cleaning, zinc whisker remediation, sub floor sealing, IT equipment & furniture installations, raised floor services including live remodeling, CFD analysis, asset auditing and much more. Featured products include blanking panels, directional air tiles, brush grommets, and other containment innovations that are guaranteed to improve data center cooling efficiency. With over 20 years of service, Critical Facilities Solutions has an experienced, hand-selected field team. They are specifically trained to analyze and manage the specific complexity and sensitivity of maintaining and improving the performance of an IT environment.


Custom Powder-Coating Solutions

We are custom powder coating specialists with operations in Westminster, Colorado. We are committed to enhancing our customer’s products with coating solutions that add the benefit of a tough, attractive, cost-effective finish with little or no impact on the environment

We have a seasoned management and paint team. The Division Manager has over 15 years of experience specifically in powder coating. Additionally, our professional paint team averages 5 to 10 years of experience powder coating. We have the expertise necessary to provide our customers the coating solutions needed in today’s competitive business environment.

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