Two governmental data centers in India have been storing information for more than a decade without any backup systems whatsoever.


The area of Karnataka is prone to earthquakes, power failure, and other disruptive events. Despite this reality, a “disaster recovery site” and physical copies via tape media are only just now being discussed.


It is believed that housing the large amount of data outside of India and away from seismic risk is cost-prohibitive and contributing to the delay in securing and implementing a backup plan.


Don’t Gamble with Data


Operating a sizeable data pipeline without physical backups and proper organizational techniques in place is risky. Engineered Data Products and Tri-Optic can help your facility manage and safeguard its backup tape library while lowering costs as well.



Label quality is critical to data management and, in many ways, represents one of the most important components of any media library. For over 25 years, Tri-Optic has been the world leader in Media Label Technology, offering T10000, LTO, 3480, 3592, 9840, DLT, SDLT, 8mm AIT, 4mm and Optical bar code labels. We continue to research and develop the newest technology for media bar code label printing in order to give you the highest quality media labels on the market.


At Tri-Optic, we know the importance of bar codes to your scalable tape library and have made it our business to manufacture only professional quality sequential bar coded labels. We have worked with the world’s leading storage library manufacturers to create media bar code labels that meet and exceed their stringent standards.
We recognize that quality barcodes, accurate filing and easy readability is vital to speed data storage and retrieval, and through the use of proven color coding filing methods and Grade A bar code quality ,Tri-Optic has maintained its position as the supplier of choice.


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