There is a notable trend in the life sciences market for better tracking of data, files, and lab samples across facilities and organizations.


One of the top 20 global pharmaceutical organizations recently partnered with EDP. The company specializes in respiratory diseases, metabolism, immunology, and oncology as well as general medical solutions for both humans and animals around the world.



The company required an asset-tracking solution for its complex and intricate pharmaceutical processes and new drug development pathways, including inventory control. Each new drug in development goes through several processes that include testing, qualification, quality control, and trials. Each of these stages is required to have a hard copy of the data, the testing process, and other details regarding the various materials and substances involved. If one page or part of the documentation is unintentionally misplaced or destroyed, then the entire process for the new drug must be restarted, resulting in frustration and significant loss of time and money.


The asset-tracking team at Engineered Data Products outlined a comprehensive solution that includes RFID portal readers for 32 individual doorways. These track the location and movements of paper records and files along with the pharmaceutical testing materials throughout the entire facility. The readers automatically record where and when a file or piece of equipment left a specific room and when it arrived at the next location.


EDP software also keeps a live record of each asset so that it can easily be located at any time in the production or testing facility. This ensures an accurate location for high-value tools and sensitive information, making it easier for the technicians to do their job more efficiently and securely.


EDP’s pharmaceutical asset tracking solutions can:


  • Consolidate and reduce paper records for more effective storage
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced assets and reduce retrieval costs
  • Improve compliance, inventory efficiency, and asset retainment
  • Create a highly secure, fully auditable platform that can be installed on-site and administered by employees for control and accountability


Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are under increasing pressure to improve patient outcome and experience while reducing costs. Regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), HIPAA and HITECH are requiring organizations to implement comprehensive and efficient systems to manage patient information, medical equipment, and other assets.


EDP can help veterinary, medical, and pharmaceutical companies manage these and other trends in 2017 and beyond. Contact us today to get started on improving your pharmaceutical asset tracking.


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