It is time to take action on pharmaceutical serialization!


A new law, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), specifies that drug manufacturers must serialize their products as of November 2017. Two years from the beginning of these new pharmaceutical serialization regulations, wholesalers will only be allowed to receive and ship serialized product.


Implementation challenges and uncertainties have caused some to adopt a wait-and-see approach. However, making the transition to unit-level serialization, as well as other data requirements specified, will take time and effort.  The best solution remains to make the transition to serialized production sooner rather than later with a trusted tracking and label solutions specialist, like Engineered Data Products.


Time and money always top the list of resources needed to implement changes quickly and correctly. Another resource that is in increasingly short supply is the solution providers that manage the transition and the accompanying serial numbers. There are so many companies just beginning the process that demand for products and services to suit this need will be tight.




The change represents an investment in software, hardware, and temporary reductions in productivity while the changes are being implemented. Service providers can help navigate the logistical infrastructure and setup to maximize efficiencies. The best way to optimize the transition process is to stay abreast of guidelines as they develop.


Don’t let implementation challenges delay you!  The deadline for complete implementation of DSCSA has been extended by one year to November 26, 2018.  Engineered Data Products can be the solutions provider who will help you meet the deadline. EDP’s label software can properly serialize product without repetition or skipping. EDP’s tracking software, EnaSys, provides the ability to track product as it moves through the supply chain. Both systems are easy and affordable to implement and use. With current installations at many medical facilities across the United States, we can create your customized 2D barcodes, assist in developing tagging and tracking procedures, and ensure compliance far ahead of deadline.


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