inmotion is making huge strides in the footwear market! The innovative retail experience recently installed several product walls in multiple franchises of a high-end lifestyle store. inmotion’s RFID experts encoded products, placing them in a large display.Today, responsive content appears on the screen; handling the individual products now triggers a tailored interactive video for customer viewing, completing the product experience. Additional features, like customer reviews, sound cues, and store associate interaction, are also key to the organization’s marketing mix.In preparation for remerchandising, the data revealed an interesting discovery: one of the slowest selling hiking boots had higher customer interaction than any other item on the display wall! In a normal floor change, this boot would have been retired from the display based on its poor sales figures. However, it became a significant “gateway” item and visible point of interest – one that led to record consumer attention and interface with the wall but also a noticeable revenue lift across all categories!

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Above: An interactive product wall similar to recent inmotion installation.