Projection Solutions


Striking and memorable brand messaging is key in the retail world today.  

Inmotion delivers a fully engaging projection using only the highest quality equipment.

Whether a single display or a multi-location network of displays, Inmotion can assist you in developing and implementing a smart projection system that represents your brand-story and engages the consumer.

Projection enhances customer experience by distributing visual content that is both relevant and informative. Whether related to the specific locale, the current product selection, or the brand as a whole, this communication is attractive and dynamic in stores, restaurants, corporate environments, and more.

The writings and images displayed can be controlled, edited, updated and changed remotely, ensuring the latest and most effective pieces are front and center. Our technical experts will help you optimize your projection presence and the message you present to viewers with enhancements like real-time web content and mobile-device linkage.

Canvas screens and projection systems will be paired with content that accurately reflects your message to maximize engagement and create a new layer of customer experience for your storefront, event, or other place of business. This pairing is accomplished through our intelligent software solution and can be adjusted to fit any budget.

Inmotion has decades of experience providing equipment and tailoring content for some of the largest and most well-recognized American brands. Inmotion’s projection system has been developed to be scalable, easy to deploy, and intuitive with built-in tech support for any level of complexity.


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