The RFID tag trend – these tags might not have been considered trendy five years ago, but today, major brands and fashion giants are utilizing RFID tagging technology to curb counterfeiting and to better manage inventory.


rfid tag trend


So Vintage


RFID was patented in 1983 and was a revolutionary development in near-field communication (NFC). Like NFC, chips store data digitally and transmit via electromagnetic fields and radio waves.


So Versatile


RFID tags are making their debut in a variety of industries, including fashion and merchandising. Not only does it help identify and manage products, but it also enhances in-store experience and brick-and-mortar shopping.  RFID can also power self-checkouts, smart tables, and social sharing.


Très Chic, no?


Not only having designed for major brands, but implementing complete systems throughout, Design Inmotion has the unique experience to assist you and your team in developing a system that will support your brand.  Design Inmotion has competency in screen technology, RFID, ibeacons, BLT, interactivity, along with software and mechanics to make it all work consistently.  They understand the soft and hard issues of bringing a retailer’s message within a budget and will provide you the plan to achieve your objectives.


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