It seems nearly every week there are dozens of headlines for security breaches, compliance violations, and covert theft in the tech industry. Often, these aren’t advanced cybersecurity efforts, but simplistic security holes that are overlooked and undervalued.


Don’t make the same mistakes.


Based on security shortcomings and resulting losses over the past year, Mission Critical Magazine compiled four major data center best practices to start on today.


  1. Physical Security
  • Problem: Hacks, theft, and loss are happening at a significant rate inside the organization as well as outside of it.
  • Solution: Our personal access package includes software and hardware to record, supervise, and control access within any facility. Read more.


  1. Expert Advice
  • Problem: Data center management is complex enough without adding security components.
  • Solution: Experienced professionals not only produce a more well-rounded security plan but they also implement it far more efficiently. Talk with a pro.


  1. Health Check Up
  • Problem: Fluctuations in temperature and airflow are normal to some extent, but it is often difficult to determine the cause immediately.
  • Solution: Our data center maintenance team can help you delineate a baseline of essential measurements and potential causes for changes – normal or nefarious. Sign up here.


  1. Alerts & Alarms
  • Problem: Assets are changing hands without a clear record of possession
  • Solution: Our asset-tracking software and hardware provides detailed check-in and check-out functionality as well as chain-of-custody reporting and event alert options. Take a look.


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