No need to swipe your plastic anymore

Enasys inMotion, in partnership with a technology solutions provider and the largest credit card issuer is simplifying the payments industry. Unlimited products are entered into the inMotion system and identified by an RFID tag.  Further define your product by adding content describing the item and its cost.  Fill a shopping cart, place in a shopping bag, or simply carry your items through a checkout station or arch, inMotion will know what you’ve selected and will do the rest.

The inMotion software and RFID enabled hardware will read the tags associated to each item, create a shopping list and total your purchase.  Complete your purchase without swiping or inserting your card. A few of the payment methods being demoed include:

  • Touch of your loyalty card with a QR code (quick response)
  • Tap your NFC Ring (near field communication)
  • Press your fingerprint on a scanner
  • Place your palm on a vascular biometric scanner.

A purchase can be that simple when the payment methods are tied to your personnel payment choice. Working with our vendors EDP inMotion can take your payment ideas and turn them into a payment solution.

Contact Enasys directly at 800-522-3528.