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Support Services to Ensure a Successful Program


Audit & Regulatory Services

Solutions Overview

After you have determined that a tracking and tracing system is right for your situation, that you see the ROI, and realize the necessity to enhance your compliance, then there is the issue of implementation. For some this final step lands on the existing organization, which is undoubtedly quite lean as it is, or with part time staff, whose quality of work has the risk of not meeting your expectations. EDP’s services provide a turn-key operation.

They will:

  1. Allow you to outsource to them the on-going audit and compliance support going forward, and/or,
  2. Installs, runs quality protocols and delivers to you a fully functional system.

Audit & Regulatory Compliance Support

EDP follows a structured project plan ensures that your new tracking management system is up and running quickly. If you are implementing a retention schedule, a document management program, or a data center consolidation or new center build, our team will be right with you to make sure that your program is helping you meet your compliance and regulatory needs. If you require a records or data center conversion, our professional services team can perform a data capture and inventory of all of your assets. We can also implement barcode labeling and installation of portal readers within your facility along with the commissioning of wireless tags and training of your personnel to be certified users.

We offer a two-tier service program to meet your requirements as well as your budget, implementation schedule and internal resource support:

Premium Service

Our team of professionals performs an asset inventory verification and audit and includes:

  • Tagging the assets
  • Commissioning the tags
  • Setting up the software and database
  • Verifying and auditing the assets

Basic Service

Our team of professionals performs an asset inventory verification and audit and includes:

  • Training on the software and handhelds
  • Commissioning of asset tags
  • Set-up of software and the database
  • Auditing the assets

With every purchase of an EDP tracking product, the client will receive the following:

Tracking Solution, Application Design and Installation
  • Data clean up and validation
  • Data analysis and conversion
  • Software and database set-up & installation
  • Functional specification, internal review and sign off
  • Client review of functional specifications and customer sign-off

  • Administrative and technical end-user documentation
  • Training tools for software and handhelds
  • Administrator and User training

User Testing/Final Conversion
  • Final configuration
  • User testing and validation

Production Cutover
  • Go live
  • Client sign-off once project is completed

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