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On-Demand Barcode Label Printing

Solutions Overview

EDP offers cost effective, web based on-demand barcode label printing solutions for barcoded tape media labels and records management label systems allowing you to print any combination of variable data including color, text, barcode, images and graphics to your precise specification.


EDP is always looking to provide better service to their clients. Today, lead-time is becoming more and more of a critical issue for end users who want their media labels immediately. Although our factory produced delivery can produce finished product with same day delivery, our worldwide customer base requires on-demand printing convenience and flexibility.  Tri-Optic ToGo was created to provide web-based solutions which give partners the ability to print Tri-Optic brand tape and media labels on-site to the same stringent standards as the labels they receive today from our production facility.

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Our team of professionals performs an asset inventory verification and audit and includes:

  •  TTG label stock is the only stock to have been approved by all the major tape and library manufacturers.
  • Our Labels have been designed to meet and exceed storage library specifications.
  • TTG label stock is more rigid than the competition, allowing the labels to be applied quicker and more accurately to tape cartridges.
  • Label stock uses a non-reflective matte top coat that eliminates read issues with the storage library scanners.
  • We offer non-standard, logo, RFID and base 36 options for LTO custom barcode labels.

  • Ordering small or large quantities is easy with 50 sheet pack formats.
  • No shipping cost-no software cost-no yearly fees.
  • 100% uptime printing anywhere with our web-based solution.
  • Free training and set-up, along with live tech support.



Since 1992, EDP has been an international innovator and provider of on-demand labeling for the filing and records management industry for computer generated, sequential, color and barcode label printing.  Our demand print software has also been used for integration with Physical Records Tracking and Information Management systems offered by major strategic partners. LabelsAnywhere provides you with a turnkey, data driven, cross industry, variable print solution that maximizes the power and convenience of the internet to print labels, while maintaining total confidentiality and security for data. Data never leaves your computer!


Our team of professionals performs an asset inventory verification and audit and includes:

  • Select labels from an ever-increasing library of label designs.
  • Track label inventory automatically-an EDP exclusive.
  • Set access levels to ensure data security and integrity.
  • Designed for enterprise deployment with multiple/simultaneous user capability.
  • Print labels hassle-free; no drive or software installation required.
  • We offer facestock with over 50 die cuts to choose from.
  • Use virtually any color printer to achieve vibrant, consistent, controlled and true color printing.
  • Print high-quality ‘Grade A’ barcodes without downloading special fonts-another EDP exclusive.
  • HIPPA compliant data stays local.
  • Custom label designs available from the experts at EDP.


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