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Interactive In-Store Customer Experience


Retail Branding & Promotion Solutions

Solutions Overview

With an improved retail branding & promotion solutions for the consumer, inMotion allows the branding and product interaction to be intensely personal.  Various technologies are synced so that the consumer is able to be absorbed in a web-like experience via a responsive smart screen while holding the product.  Brand context, technical specifications, and social trending data can be delivered with each product selection so that the customer experiences the product’s full story.

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inMotion Specifications:

  • Increases customer activity 45%.
  • Detects multiple levels of consumer interaction in response to the actual motion of products.
  • Promotes consumer exploration.
  • Creates social interaction with multi-touch surfaces bring 40-point capacitive touch technology.
  • Benefits retailers with valuable data specific to user interest and product movement.
  • Delivers data analytics and trends to improve floor set changes, media effectiveness, visitor engagement, product lifecycles, and results from promotions.

Your next-generation program can be designed and delivered within as little as three weeks to your store. With the interactive experience display using the inMotion system, the consumer has a greatly improved retail branding & promotion solutions experience. Customers see the image they have picked up within the context of the branding message, receive detailed information about the product and can even receive recommendations.

The in store experience with inMotion works in the following way:

  1. A large screen is positioned on the floor with product merchandised around it.
  2. The customer, drawn to the display by the content, picks up a particular product.
  3. The screen immediately displays a story about the product, provides technical information and even consumer reports if desired by the retailer. In addition, other products that go with the initial choice can be offered up as well. The content is fully controlled by the store’s marketing group.
  4. If the touch screen option is decided upon by the retailer, the customer can guide the content into further detail or even to the company’s website.
  5. All this activity is being tracked, stored and delivered to the store staff which enables better product, pricing and merchandising decisions going forward.

Overall Benefits:

  • The consumer’s shopping experience is enhanced by the interactivity.
  • The conversion rate from interest to sale is enhanced.
  • Additional cross selling opportunities are increased.
  • It is an enjoyable and memorable experience which further enhances brand loyalty.
  • Detailed technical information is provided establishing product integrity.
  • Analytics are provided to the staff to improve merchandising, pricing and product movement.

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