There have been a lot of questions focused on the Type M media.

Is it LTO-7 or LTO-8?

It is an LTO-7 cartridge initialized in an LTO-8 drive. The cartridge must be new in order to initialize it using the Type M protocol. A new bar code using the Media ID of “M8” is required.

What is the capacity of the cartridge?

Using the LTO-7 Type M cartridge a capacity gain of an additional 3 TB is possible. This takes the LTO-7 cartridge from 6 TB to up to 9 TB of native capacity. When compressed it goes from 15 TB to 22.5 TB.

How do I initialize the cartridge?

New LTO-7 cartridges can only be initialized using LTO-8 drives that support the LTO-7 Type M media.

Standalone LTO-8 drives cannot initialize LTO-7 Type M media. If initialization is already done they can read and write them.

Are there any compatibility issues?

Type M cartridges cannot be initialized or read with LTO-7 devices. LTO-9 will not be compatible with Type M initialized cartridges.

Can I update my current labeled “L7” cartridges to “M8”?

If your cartridge has already been initialized in an LTO-7 drive it cannot be reinitialized using Type M.

Will LTFS be supported?

Type M supports all current LTO features including LTFS.

What are the Tri-Optic part numbers for Type M labels?

The part numbers are available as a horizontal label 1700-M8 or a vertical label 1700-M8V.