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Q4-2014 Enhancements for Tri-Optic ToGo

By Tri-Optic Product Management

I recently communicated this information to our ‘TTG’ partners regarding enhancements to our onsite label software. In the future, I will routinely post updates for all distributor, dealers, and prospective clients on the features and service benefits of Tri-Optic ToGo:

Set Up Client
This is the ability to set up a client so that all jobs for that client are grouped together. This feature may also change some of the screen formats.

Locking Sequence Numbers
If the customer needs a constant prefix or a suffix (so that the characters are the same and in the same position for all labels), simply click on the padlock icon under the characters to be ‘locked.’

Logo Label
This allows the TTG client to add text, an image or text and image logo in a condensed portion of the human readable area of an LTO barcode label.

Label Approval
If you need to send a sample of the label job to your client before it is printed click on ‘Approval.’ This new features greatly improves the speed of getting label approvals and delivering product.

Print History
This allows the TTG client to have visibility to a client’s label sales history. You will be able to view the label type and sequence from the last order to easily process a new order in proper sequence and quantity.

Print Non-Standard Barcode Labels
This allows the TTG client to produce non-standard labels. Example: A LTO generation 4 label with an eight-character sequence.

Cloud Computing-the Demise of the Data Center?


Ultimately, data centers aren’t going away. But cloud computing is altering how the data center at-large is built and operated. Inefficient appliances and processes are being eliminated, and companies are saving money by utilizing industry-standard hardware and software-defined services, resulting in facilities that are smaller and more streamlined.

Within the next four years, 76 percent of the traffic through the world’s data centers will be cloud-based traffic. Increasingly, this traffic will consist of public cloud services, as more enterprises become more comfortable with this model. So, does that mean the data center is over? No, data centers are not going away. They’re actually becoming larger and more prevalent. The trend we see is the consolidation of data centers from company owned and operated to outsourced cloud computing data centers. This is seen today in the lower number of servers, PCs, storage, and network buyers. Fewer companies need this equipment and the customer base is consolidated into the data center buyer. The end user device is less important and the back-end server and storage is unseen by the end user.

As more customer assets and data are housed in collocation centers, effectively tracking assets is even more critical to their operations. I experienced this first hand recently with a site visit where I completed an RFID Asset tracking project with a cloud computing company in Denver. That operation was referred to me by their auditor because they did not track their assets by location and recognized that millions of dollars of assets were not validated as being present and ‘in use’ at a specific location. The driver behind the entire project was actually the V.P. of Finance.

When your customer’s application, access and data security is your business, real time knowledge of the location and status of those assets is even more critical.
Utilizing our EnaSys™ solution, this cloud customer was able to tag and audit all of their physical equipment to include servers, network, memory, storage controllers and cables. Now, moving, servicing and retiring hardware assets becomes efficient, controlled and documented. So, the Cloud, in this sense, creates new data center opportunities to address infrastructure security programs for security, privacy, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

Experience inMotion ‘In Person’ at the NRF Show

Experience inMotion ‘In Person’ at the NRF Show!
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City
EXPO: January 11-13, 2015

Our inMotion Retail Interactive solutions will be live for you to experience at the 2015 National Retail Federation show in New York City.

We are pleased to exhibit with Impinj, Inc. who is also sponsoring the EXPO Hall Level 3 Lounge during this spectacular event.

Please visit us and Impinj solutions for ‘Item Intelligence’ for the Retail Market industry at Booth 1570.

For more information, please contact us or visit our site.


The Advantages of On-Demand Printing Webcast

Please register for On Demand Printing Webcast-Labels Anywhere on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST at:

This session is designed for our reseller partners on the key benefits, features, and advances of our On-Demand Printing capabilities via and how it can expand your business potential with your customer base.

What You Will Learn In This Informative Session:

  • Market Growth Expectations of POD
  • Expanded library of label designs
  • Industry specific label designs
  • Customizable design features
  • Administrative functions and printer compatibility
  • Ability to Print ‘Grade A’ Barcodes
  • Security of Customer Information
  • Product Roadmap
  • Value-Add to your business

Presented by Todd Klug, Division Manager of Engineered Data Products

Tracking Public Safety Assets Webinar

Please Join Webcast on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM EST at:

Tracking Public Safety Assets
This informative webcast, sponsored by Engineered Data Products, focuses on the basics of asset, evidence and document tracking for Public Safety organizations like yours.

Law Enforcement Professionals face the challenge and complexity of collecting and maintaining accurate records of fixed assets and evidence, as examples, that can be a time consuming and expensive task. The right integrated solution will put your valuable equipment and documents firmly under your control. The goal of any robust system is to maximize your asset control efficiency and minimize misplacement and loss.

Using the combination of Automatic Identification labels and tags, mobile computers and asset management software, you will be able to speed up your audit tasks and conduct your asset tracking in real-time. This will enable you to become more efficient in your storing, retrieving and issuing assets.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What are the Key Benefits of an Asset Tracking System?
  • Asset Tracking vs. Inventory tracking
  • What are the Components of an Asset Tracking System?
  • Automatic Identification; Barcodes vs. RFID
  • Public Safety Specific Assets
  • Storage Utilization and Allocation
  • Putting Together an Effective Asset Tracking System


National Guard Medical File Folder Standards


The National Guard of the United States comprises of Army, Navy and Air Force units throughout the country and other overseas locations. Within this large network of sites, the National Guard stores and manages medical file folders for reservists in the same manner. When working within these organizations, you will find an established standard to emulate. At Dobbins Air Reserve Base (Marietta, GA), we partnered with Patterson-Pope to deploy a well-designed storage system using our MasterTrack Essential HDSA solution.

To complement our MasterTrak product, Spacesaver® high density storage systems were used to manage the file folders to achieve the following records management processes:

Color coded folder labels using the tertiary terminal digit system
Enroll new folders to proper storage zone
Zones Codes are assigned by tertiary terminal digit SSN range, so new folders are stored in sequential order.
Pick folders from Request List
As folders are requested, the requests are sorted by storage zone for fast and easy picking of requested folders.
Put away folders from Return List
As the folders are returned, the folders are sorted by storage zone for fast and efficient shelving.
All folders in a zone can be quickly and accurately audited via barcode scanning.
Imaged Documents
Are stored in the database and associated to the physical file folder for fast retrieval.

If you work with the National Guard, you will find that many units have carousels for storage and/or high density shelving. Please contact me ( to discuss your project for this particular government sector.

LTO Technology Roadmap Extended to Generation 10


The LTO Ultrium format is the preferred tape solution and the best-selling super tape format for small and large computer systems, especially for backup. This tape technology is brought to the marketplace by some of the most respected names in the storage industry. There’s also been a well-defined technology roadmap, so you know it’s a format that you can rely on both today and in the future. This investment is also demonstrated by the fact that more than 250 million LTO tapes have shipped worldwide and now the LTO roadmap is officially extended out to Generation 10, adding two more generations to the format’s future with even more planned capacity and throughput expectations.


Today’s current generation is LTO 6 which represents a cartridge that holds more than 6.25TB of compressed data which is quite impressive in comparison to its origins but expectations for Generation 10 are off the charts with capacity expectations to approach 120 TB compressed, while throughput is expected to reach a blazing 2,750 MB/second.

In line with the tape technology roadmap, EDP will maintain its label innovation and compatibility with future tape generations. Currently, we produce barcode and RFID labels compatible with LTO1 to LT06 generations.

inMotion interactive retail experience joins Impinj at REC opening

photos of REC 9-30-142

inMotion™ Retail Experience has teamed up with Impinj to deliver Item Intelligence™ solutions at the Retail Experience Center (REC) in Seattle.  The newly launched REC serves as a functional showroom and lab for best-in-breed RFID technologies that are changing the way brands think about retail and how to engage with consumers.  Multiple experiences by inMotion are currently running at the REC, ranging from an interactive snow board zone to a fitting room experience that highlights product features and recommends ‘cool combo’s’.

photos of REC 9-30-14


Product activity is collected to assist merchandisers and brands position product more effectively.  Impinj and REC partners will host retail brands to showcase how item intelligence improves the consumer brand experience by ensuring product is available on the shelf and that consumers are educated about the products they explore.  Inmotion is an EDP brand providing interactive experiences in retail. For more information, please contact us or visit our site.

On-Demand Printing

On-demand and on-site color printing is all the trend


Todd Klug, Division Manager-EDP

On-demand printing is one of the fastest growing segments of the label industry with expectations of 20% to 30% growth over the next two years.  Customers now expect to leverage on-demand and on-site printing with the flexibility of printing color labels with variable data and images to meet their exact needs…and without the need to purchase minimum lots or stockpiling different label formats to run small runs.  That flexibility and ease has always been supported by our site which has been used by over 6000 customer accounts to print on-demand using our EDP facestock labels.  To complement this, our factory services are ideal as a back-up plan with next day delivery in case your printer is not performing in order to maintain uninterruptible service at your company or organization.  Together, this extends 24/7 access to print with 100% uptime to clients.

EDP is making significant investment in improving the needs of the marketplace for on-demand printing, so we will be expanding as a SaaS program that enables users to print competitive labels or they continue to use our standard program using our high-quality label stock.  This will be an innovative program within the label industry to provide turnkey printing for our authorized dealers and customers.  In addition, we will introducing software compatibility to run roll-formatted labels to complement our current 8-1/2 x 11 sheet formats to expand on-demand to that market segment.   And if you or your customer requires color matching or a custom label, our Design Services is still available for those special needs to address your label specifications.

DataSpan Partners Fair in Las Vegas, Palms Hotel

We will be participating in the DataSpan Partners Fair in Las Vegas at the Palms Hotel on October 23rd and 24th, 2014.

We will be featuring the latest in asset tracking solutions and on-demand printing for customized barcode and RFID labels.

We will be at Booth #43.   Our staff looks forward to seeing the DataSpan team!

EDP is a leader in the identification, tracking and management industry with advanced software engineering and manufacturing of pressure sensitive barcoded and RFID labels along with asset tracking systems, retail promotion and branding packages, design services, custom printing, on-demand print solutions and program installation and auditing services.



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