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inmotion Products To Be Featured at INFOCOMM


inmotion and EDP will be featured at INFOCOMM15 in Orlando, Florida from June 13-19! The conference, established in 1939, is tailored to audiovisual, information, and communications professionals around the world. The huge summer seminar will include nearly one thousand exhibitors and forty thousand attendees.


inmotion products and technologies will be informally exhibited at the NEC booth.  NEC specializes in visual solutions, such as desktop displays and large-screen LCDs, which draw on high-tech advancements from the digital sector. Their goal is to offer a full range of high-quality multimedia displays.  The NEC booth is one of the three largest at the tradeshow and includes a fully interactive fitting room as well as booth-activity tracking of all NEC’s visitors.


At the conference, inmotion will be showcasing its newest “wayfinding” technologies that move beyond digital signage. In this instance, wayfinding is essentially how one locates particular products and services in a retail environment. Using 5 different pieces as well as social media linkage, inmotion will demonstrate how wayfinding contributes to a heightened customer experience. By consistently tracking where RFID-tagged participants are in the booth and what they are interacting with, inmotion presents the next level in location-based tracking for a streamlined retail experience.



Product Wall Provides Surprising Consumer Data, Prompts More Intelligent Inventory Decisions

inmotion is making huge strides in the footwear market! The innovative retail experience recently installed several product walls in multiple franchises of a high-end lifestyle store. inmotion’s RFID experts encoded products, placing them in a large display.Today, responsive content appears on the screen; handling the individual products now triggers a tailored interactive video for customer viewing, completing the product experience. Additional features, like customer reviews, sound cues, and store associate interaction, are also key to the organization’s marketing mix.In preparation for remerchandising, the data revealed an interesting discovery: one of the slowest selling hiking boots had higher customer interaction than any other item on the display wall! In a normal floor change, this boot would have been retired from the display based on its poor sales figures. However, it became a significant “gateway” item and visible point of interest – one that led to record consumer attention and interface with the wall but also a noticeable revenue lift across all categories!

For more information, please contact us or visit our site.





Above: An interactive product wall similar to recent inmotion installation.


Fujifilm Rush Order – Case Study

At the end of first quarter 2015, Fuji could not meet customer demands for fully labeled LTO cartridges (Types 4, 5, and 6). They contacted EDP with an urgent request to apply 20,000 tape labels over three days, two of which fell on a weekend. 16 pallets of tapes arrived via overnight delivery on Saturday, March 28th and required unboxing, labeling and repackaging as soon as possible.

A volunteer shift, a dozen production and customer service staff members, was assembled. EDP typically applies 5000 tape labels on one shift, but on this particular weekend shift, 7400 tape labels were applied both days, prompting an early shipment of the first labeled tape set as well as completed on-time orders in total for Fuji.

Predicting high customer demand, EDP and Fuji are now working together to stock tapes in Fuji’s inventory for large and immediate orders.

Tri-Optic Labels Improve DDSI Business Model – Case Study

Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc. (DDSI), a former distributor, struggled for nearly a decade with previous suppliers, specifically their unpredictable printer-life and software advancement plans. In 2014, EDP proposed Tri-Optic To-Go, or TTG, as a solution to their barcode label issues. TTG is a an on-demand printing service for multimedia storage labels.

Presenting a detailed roadmap and a tailored plan for their individual barcode label volume, EDP offered DDSI a 30-day inclusive trial. Per the agreement, DDSI was to produce over 40,000 labels a month. At the end of the 30-day trial, proof of concept was completed, and all agreements were signed with a go-live date in second quarter 2014. DDSI’s new goal, with their partners EDP, is to produce a million LTO barcode labels.

In response to their successes with TTG barcode labels, DDSI has also chosen EDP as its number one RFID supplier.


Asset Management and Data Security

Equipment theft for asset managers goes far beyond the loss of a smartphone, laptop, or server; valuable data and other components are stolen in tandem. Employees, visitors, vendors and contractors are the typical perpetrators, and mobile devices, like tablets and other portable wireless items, are most commonly taken. Often, while active hardware is secure, equipment scheduled to be destroyed or recycled is the most vulnerable.

A combination of an accurate inventory list, physical security, and employee education is recommended by experts as the most effective combatant of data and equipment theft. This strategy is similar to that of EnaSys, which utilizes inventory reporting, labels/scanners, software, and personnel training for its equipment and data security solutions.

Fun fact: Using an EnaSys asset tracking system, Visa audits in six hours what took them 168 hours previously.

On-Demand Polyester Label Printing

High-quality, long-lasting, durable polyester asset labels were once only available through a lengthy factory pre-printing process with minimum quantities OR expensive thermal printing, black and white only. Today, with LabelsAnywhere by Colorflex, they can be printed on-demand via web-based software that is fast, secure and reliable.

These labels are printed on EDP’s exclusive stock with any combination of variable color, text and barcode and at any label quantity order size. Three new size templates (0.75″ x 1.5″; 1″ x 2″; 1.5″ x 2″) are available with multiple options for headers, footers, number sequences, barcode logos and colors.



Upcoming Release of 3592 RFID Labels

Harnessing the latest RFID technology, EDP plans to release 3592 RFID labels in black and white as well as the ‘vibrant’ color palette in early April. These labels correspond with 3592 tapes of various memory sizes, which have an industry re-use rate significantly higher than the majority of competitors. This translates to environmental friendliness and less expensive upgrades through phasing.

The current 3592 labels, available in 15 different styles, include the typical barcode and number sequence. The new RFID 3592 labels will also feature a specially designed RFID chip fitted to the 3592 label size, an RFID logo, and a custom long-range antenna. These will be available in three different styles; they will be list priced at $2.48 and $1.24 dealer net price. If you have any technical questions or special projects, please contact us.

Fun Fact: In development, the 3592 project was codenamed “Jaguar” due to the increased rapid data access capability of the tapes and labels.

Linear Tape Open – Generation 7

The linear tape open “road map” has been extended to generation 10, predicting significant advances in capacity and transfer rate. At two-year intervals, a new generation of LTO is introduced; this “generation” includes drives, libraries, cartridges and both barcode and RFID labels. Generation 7, 16TB, is scheduled for release by last quarter 2015 and will also feature updated partitioning, encryption, and compression ratios.

The Linear Tape Open consortium, a regulatory body that hosts LTO conferences, released the first generation in 2000, adopted the current generation (6) in 2012, and projects generation 10 for 2020. EDP is presently in the process of “early testing” LTO7 labels on drives and libraries in preparation for the official release.

Fun Fact: The European Organization for Nuclear Research was one of the first groups to implement and utilize generation 6.

Shell Houston Open with DataSpan

We will be appearing with our partner, DataSpan, at the Shell Houston Open PGA Golf Tournament on April 2 at the Golf Club of Houston in Humble, TX.

The tournament benefits a number of charities and nonprofits as well as the sportsmanship and athletic spirit of professional golfing. As sponsors for the event, we will be promoting our products, services, and expertise!



The IT Summit – Denver 2015

We are thrilled to announce our participation in The IT Summit – Denver!

The event will be held Wednesday, April 22 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Colorado Convention Center (Four Seasons Ballroom)

We will exhibit our latest identification, tracking, and management solutions!

The IT Summit is a technology conference that fosters networking and information exchange between industry professionals in the Denver area. As a market innovator and leader for over 26 years, we hope to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding RFID, on-demand printing, label software, branding, and design. We also plan to learn more about our local colleagues and competitors as well as the current market trends and predicted advancements.


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