EDP EnaSys is currently working with a large Data Center with over 10,000 mission critical assets.

Until now, they’ve been manually conducting two inventories per year, entirely on clipboards and spreadsheets. A process that has chewed up 425 work hours per inventory, not to mention countless dollars, to conduct those audits from one end of the data center to the other.

With the implementation of Enasys RFID asset tracking, the only thing manual about their inventory process now is opening a door and pulling the trigger on a scanner. Inventory time has been reduced to 10 hours per session, having been chopped down by a whopping 98%!

Without question, RFID is the most cost-effective and accurate method of inventory tracking and control on the market today, regardless of industry type.

If you’re wrestling with your own methods of asset tracking, or are even just curious, contact one of our experts today and we’d be happy to help you figure out a solutions for your particular situation.