Whether you’re operating a vehicle or a data center facility, a few commonalities exist that keep things running smoothly and on the right track.


  1. Scheduled Maintenance


In a vehicle, these tasks consist of fluid checks and various inspections. In a data center, procedures like deep cleaning, zinc whisker remediation and CFD analysis are essential.


  1. The Warranty


Car parts and data center equipment usually come with manufacturer standards and recommendations. For a vehicle, this might include a particular oil to be used for the engine. In a data center, the air containment ratio is typically outlined for the longest life of a CRAC unit.


  1. The Inventory


Missing a spare tire or a server when you need it most is enough to bring any road trip or database migration to a screeching halt. An accurate account of what’s in your rig or DC is immeasurably helpful.



Don’t Let the Wheels Fall Off


EDP partners with a team of specialists to clean and maintain your data center in accordance with warranty and equipment requirements. Their patented asset management system can efficiently identify, track, and manage all of your IT assets faster and more accurately than traditional methodologies.


Get in the driver’s seat of your data center and contact us today.


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