Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc. (DDSI), a former distributor, struggled for nearly a decade with previous suppliers, specifically their unpredictable printer-life and software advancement plans. In 2014, EDP proposed Tri-Optic To-Go, or TTG, as a solution to their barcode label issues. TTG is a an on-demand printing service for multimedia storage labels.

Presenting a detailed roadmap and a tailored plan for their individual barcode label volume, EDP offered DDSI a 30-day inclusive trial. Per the agreement, DDSI was to produce over 40,000 labels a month. At the end of the 30-day trial, proof of concept was completed, and all agreements were signed with a go-live date in second quarter 2014. DDSI’s new goal, with their partners EDP, is to produce a million LTO barcode labels.

In response to their successes with TTG barcode labels, DDSI has also chosen EDP as its number one RFID supplier.