Ever since EDP introduced Tri-Optic ToGo (TTG) back in 2008, their policy has been to only certify one printer for use with TTG and traditionally their printer of choice was Xerox as those printers have a short paper path which is ideal for the EDP .5mm face stock and the printers can and do print labels with consistent high quality and can handle the volume requirements. The 73 partners across EMEA, APAC and the US and Canada can attest to that.

Last summer Xerox announced EOL for the 6700 phaser printer which is not a huge problem as it will be supported for at least five years. However, the practical problem is that they became very hard to purchase by new TTG users so EDP had to begin a search for the next printer to be certified.

The search and review involves looking at the hardware and the firmware of the Printers concerned, testing them with the EDP face stock and testing them in high volume printing scenarios to see how they keep the alignment and produce consistent high quality which is vital for Tri-Optic media labels to ensure they can be read by any automated Library in use today.

Once a printer is identified and passes those tests, print samples need to be sent to all the Tape Library manufacturers for them to run their own tests and certify the labels meet their standards. This is of particular importance to the major manufacturers such as HPE, IBM, Quantum and Spectra Logic however all the others also.

EDP went through this process and last month announced the certification of the  OKI C931e for the US and the C911 all countries outside of the US. The printer is available and supported worldwide which is a key requirement for EDP.

The OKI models are digital 4 LED full colour printers 1200 x 1200 A3 printers with a duty cycle of 25,000 pages per month.

The major differences between the Xerox 6700 and the OKI printer are:

  • 10K increase in pages per month that can be printed.
  • 200K increase in maximum No. of labels per month.
  • 180 pages per hour faster.
  • 1GB more storage.
  • 2 dbD quieter.
  • The OKI printer comes with a 3 year service warranty if registered.

The first TTG users are now purchasing the OKI printer as their current printers are ageing and as new TTG user sign up they will be purchasing the OKI Printer.

As always EDP offer a full installation support service via technical support based in the US and the UK.

For any related questions on TTG please contact Todd Klug at (800) 522-3528 or Brian Hicks in EMEA on +44 7702899530.