EDP provides the labels you need to identify data storage tape cartridges and file folders, so you can retrieve them quickly. We have decades of experience and have printed millions of high quality labels for businesses of every size, from home offices to Fortune 500 companies.

Through our companies, Tri-Optic® and Colorflex®, we design labels that can include barcodes, color coding, or blank space. For over 30 years, Tri-Optic has been making it easy to navigate data storage tape cartridge labels, and Colorflex has been the color coding and file label supplier of choice for a wide variety of industries.

EDP brings both of these companies together, giving you a one stop shop for highly effective labels for data storage tape cartridges and file folders. We put all of our products through intense quality checks during the design and production process for quality assurance.

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Tri-Optic logo. A black triangle with a section cut out of it. The section bursts forward: a red, green, and blue rainbow.
Colorflex logo. The word sits beneath a swirl of red, yellow, green, and blue on a black background.