For data storage tape cartridge labels and file folder labels

Print both Colorflex® file folder labels and Tri-Optic® data storage tape cartridge labels at your location, whenever you need them! Use our online portals to input the type of labels you need and the quantity. Then, you can print the same high quality labels from your own printer that you would receive from our facility.

How it works

We use two different programs to allow you to print our data storage tape cartridge labels and file folder labels on demand.

Labels Anywhere

The web based Labels Anywhere program provides you with a turnkey, data driven variable print solution. It maximizes the power and convenience of the internet to print labels anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is login to one of our online portals, and use almost any color printer to print out high quality color coded, blank, or barcode labels. Select labels from the library of designs, or choose the custom design option.

Key features
  • No driver or software installation needed
  • Use virtually any color printer to achieve vibrant, consistent results
  • Print high quality barcodes without specialty fonts
  • Select labels from a growing library of designs
  • Custom design option is available
  • Track your label inventory automatically
  • Recover and reuse data with its “Remember Data” tool
  • Easy to set up
  • Add and remove users as needed
  • Designed for simultaneous use by different users
  • Strong password protected login

Tri-Optic To Go

Lead time is a critical issue for end users who want their tape media and labels either same day or very soon afterwards. That’s why we designed Tri-Optic To Go, so you can print high quality data storage tape cartridge labels on-site, so you can print same day and eliminate shipping costs.

The labels you print at your own facility will meet the same standards and be just as clear, readable, and effective as if we printed them in house. Customers have been using Tri-Optic To Go for over 15 years to print the labels they need. All you need is a color printer, and we take care of the rest. Plus, our knowledgeable and responsive technical support staff can answer any questions you have during the process.

Key features
  • Same day production
  • Shipping savings
  • High profit margins
  • 0.5 mm Label thickness
  • Meets and exceeds storage library specifications
  • Knowledgeable and responsive technical support
  • Custom text and logo capable

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