For file folders and data storage tape cartridges

EDP offers a comprehensive media storage and records management label system for a variety of uses:

  • Custom factory printed labels
  • Standard on demand label stock
  • Custom on demand cartridge label
  • File folder templates

We provide labels for a wide range of industries, and our team will custom design labels to fit your specific needs for tapes, storage cartridges, files, and other company assets.

A series of data storage tape cartridges with colored barcode labels placed neatly on each of them.

Data storage tape cartridge labels

EDP designs high quality, readable barcode and other labels for all tape and media types, for use with a variety of backup/archive libraries and autoloaders. Same day order processing and overnight delivery options are available.

Tri-Optic logo. A black triangle with a section cut out of it. The section bursts forward: a red, green, and blue rainbow.
A page of bar code and color coded labels deisgned for physical records and data files.

File folder labels

Organize physical records and data files with barcode and color coded labels, so it’s easy to locate them. EDP offers file folder labels in both standard and custom options. They can easily be adapted to your existing filing and identification system.

Colorflex logo. The word sits beneath a swirl of red, yellow, green, and blue on a black background.
A close-up of barcode labels with a red laser scanner line moving across them.

Barcode labels

EDP is the leading producer of barcode labels. EDP can integrate all your information to meet your barcode requirements, using sequential and variable data, color, and numbers. You can find the ideal barcode label for shipping, inventory, organization, and tracking.