Create a highly accurate filing system

  • Standard and custom options available
  • Color coding, barcodes, numbers, or a combination

At EDP, we recognize that quality barcode labels, correct filing, and easy readability are critical to ensuring you can use your data and files when you need them. We provide durable, readable file folder labels that are tailored to your current system, whether it’s color coding, barcodes, or an organization system you’ve developed. You can also order blank space labels to add additional information.

When to use file folder labels

File folder labels allow you to organize large amounts of paperwork in a way that is intuitive and easy to retrieve. Effectively store physical financial records, tax information, personnel information, and any other important data that has not been shifted to a digital format. Using barcode labels, you can also keep track of where files are, who is looking at them, and where the bottlenecks are in a workflow that involves file folders moving from one person to the next.

Why choose Colorflex file folder labels

Colorflex® file folder labels give you the freedom to organize your file folders any way you like. If you tell us your needs, we’ll help you design a custom label from scratch to meet your specific requirements. Plus, each of our labels goes through a strict quality assurance process to make sure that they will adhere securely.

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